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Prepping for Preschool in Style

I officially have a preschooler. Preschool! How is that even possible?! The saying is so true that the days are long, but the years are short. The worst part … I’m going to miss Addy’s first day. While my mom takes Addy to her first day, at that exact moment, I’ll be having a c-section. What a day! First day of preschool, new baby, and Cam somewhere in the middle, no big deal. Not at all!

With having another high-risk pregnancy, we are at the point where we’re pretty much home-bound, but that has not prevented us from having a bit of fun shopping for her wardrobe so that she is ready for preschool. It really makes me smile to see how excited Addy is for this new adventure!

This year, our goal has been to streamline her wardrobe. In getting ready for baby #3, I recently reorganized all the clothes Addy and Cam have outgrown, and oh my goodness, let’s just say SO MUCH. We’ve been trying to simplify things around here, so finding pieces that mix and match is really important to me. And because Addy has taken to picking out her own clothes lately – it definitely helps in the matching department!

Which brings us to Gymboree. Have you seen their new look?! I’m absolutely loving their new pieces and how they’re super mixable and reasonably priced. It’s great that so many pieces can move from the fall to winter just with the addition of a cute jacket and tights. Here are a few of our favorite looks.

Prepping for Preschool in Style

T-shirt | Skirt | Jacket | Shoes | Headband

Our fall season in Michigan is completely unpredictable, so for that reason, it is a must to be able to layer our clothes. Some years we are still sitting on the beach, able to enjoy the last snippets of summer-like weather, or like last year, we had snow on the ground. This red bow bomber jacket is so cute and perfect for the ever-changing temps around here!

Prepping for Preschool in Style

Sweatshirt | Skirt | Shoes

Sparkles galore! Just looking at this sweatshirt makes you really want to smile! This skirt is so versatile too because you can really mix it with just about everything, which makes it a perfect addition to Addy’s wardrobe for the year.

Prepping for Preschool in Style

Dress | Jacket | Shoes

I really like the rainbow detail on the different pieces to add a little ‘oomph’ and tie it all together. And you can’t ever go wrong with a jean jacket – a must have for every wardrobe – even for a 4-year-old! Switch the jean jacket out for the red bow bomber jacket from above, and you have a completely different look.

Don’t you just love it all?! Addy is big into sparkle and rainbows – as she always says, she loves all the colors of the rainbow. And as I mentioned before, you really can mix and match all the different pieces. We can’t wait for preschool to start, and with the help from Gymboree, Addy is all set for her first day in style!

Prepping for Preschool in Style with Gymboree